A tribute to Teddy, the most outstanding performance Silken Windhound in history.


by Joyce Chin and Terri Campbell

 UKC BIS, Multiple Reserve Best in All Breed Show, Multiple Best of Breed
 Talisman’s Ursa Major
LGRA  SGRC3, ISWS Racing SRCX 11, ISWS Oval Track Ch, ISWS Lure Coursing Ch

#1 All Breeds 2012 Large Gazehound Racing Association in our first year accepted by LGRA
#1 ISWS Racing 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
#1 National Specialty Straight Racing meet  2009, 2011
#1 Regional Specialty Straight Racing meets 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
#1 ISWS Oval Track 2009
#1 ISWS Open Field Coursing 2009
First combined ISWS racing, oval track, conformation, and lure coursing Ch.
Currently 343 National straight racing points ( ISWS and LGRA ) all achieved with only a single #2 amidst all his #1’s.

Teddy after his 2012 Boofest straight racing win, photo by Rick Steele

Teddy after his 2012 Boofest straight racing win, photo by Rick Steele

I decided to breed Teddy’s parents together very early on in the ISWS’s straight racing program. At that time only a handful of Silkens were racing. I’d learned a lot about proper running form from watching other sighthounds in addition to the Silkens, and talking to much more experienced performance sighthound people.  Although I had already produced two litters with pups that easily earned performance and show titles, Teddy’s litter, the “Mythos” litter, was my first breeding specifically aimed at producing performance hounds.

Teddy’s dam Sheba, Kristull Talisman of Sheba, had lovely form and incredible power while running and was absolutely reliable, clean and dead true to the lure.  She was already a veteran when our racing program began.  She started too late in life to be a top winner at racing, but she showed that the genetic potential was there.

Teddy’s sire Connor, ISWS and ICKC Ch Tangaloor Captain Sinclair, was insanely fast, incredibly powerful, and a clean runner, but lacked a reliable sense of direction, often making up his own “track” on the run to the consternation of his owner and the amusement of onlookers. He would still often come up to the finish even or ahead of his competitors despite the extra yardage, though typically he would not be in the points since straight racing scores not at all for creative interpretation. Connor’s physicality would bring a lot to the combo, though I was hoping that the resulting pups would all get Sheba’s GPS system when it came to performance sports.

In August of 2006, eight puppies were born to Connor and Sheba, and several of the pups showed a great deal of potential, not only for furniture chewing and general structural soundness, but also for coordination and lure focus.

From the first time they stood up, I knew Teddy was special. I was on the phone with a friend when Teddy stood up one day, and I commented that this boy was really going to be special. I just had no idea how special he would turn out to be!

The puppies were exposed early to games of chase and one of their first toys was a LGRA lure that they happily dismantled. They attended their first BRNC LGRA race meet at Sally Barron’s ranch at a very young age to play with the lure there.

When the pups were old enough, Terri Campbell came with a friend to visit and wallow on the floor with the puppies with the intention of picking a pup from the litter to found her Silken Windhound kennel (Aigrette Silkens).

Terri was already known in racing before becoming a Silken owner.  She’d started racing in 1994 with Scottish Deerhounds.  One of her Deerhounds, DC Windshift Brier Rose, SGRC2, SORC, FCh, is still the record holding Scottish Deerhound in both LGRA and NOTRA. Terri had contacted me about Phoenix, a girl from the litter, and was there ostensibly to pick her up. Immediately upon her arrival, it became apparent that baby Teddy had eyes for no one but her and Terri had eyes for no one but Teddy.  Still, Terri had come for a bitch, and it took the two of us to convince her that it would make just as much sense to take both puppies home as it would to take one since adult deerhounds can make awkward play partners for Silken puppies. At that time, we weren’t really sure if Teddy would be a permanent addition to Terri’s pack and decided on a co-ownership. Teddy is probably the most successful “beater dog” in the history of Silkens.

Photo by Dave Mills

Photo by Dave Mills

Teddy and his sister, Phoenix, started going to meets when they were about five months old for race practice.  At home Terri used a lunge whip with a fur lure to help hone their lure interest. Both hounds showed extreme focus and determination on the lure. Teddy showed an easygoing temperament at home and around and about, only showing incredibly high drive and focus at sporting events.

Teddy and Helios running in the Nationals in Ca, Helios finished #2 behind Teddy for the race, photo by Dave Mills

Teddy and Helios running in the Nationals in Ca, Helios finished #2 behind Teddy for the race, photo by Dave Mills

Teddy was just over a year when he started competitive racing and had maturity and drive well in excess of other youngsters his age. Teddy earned his SRC (Silken Racing Championship) in November 2007, having entered his first race meet in October 2007.   He was ranked #3 for 2007 and then moved up to and held the#1 ranking in 2008, 2009, 2010,2011 and 2012.  He was the first Silken Windhound to earn the SRCX 2 and is the only Silken to have earned the titles of SRCX 4 through SRCX 11. He is currently at 343 National points with only a single #2 placement in his record of #1 finishes.   To compare, there is only one dog of all breeds in the LGRA Grading Guide that has earned more national points in history than Teddy. 

2012 was a banner year for the Silken Windhound. The breed was finally able to officially participate in LGRA events, and Teddy finished the year as the #1 LGRA dog, all breeds, with an astonishing 100 points, putting him well above the #2 dog, and in only one year, already one of the top lifetime LGRA point earners. Teddy’s brother, Helios,  finished at #13 and Teddy’s daughter, Summer, finished at #22 in the top twenty-five (all breed) LGRA national point earners.

It became apparent very quickly that Teddy was an exceptional runner, not only excelling at straight racing, but also oval racing, lure coursing, and open field coursing. In 2009, Teddy was the #1 Straight Racer, #1 Oval Track Racer, and #1 OFC dog in the breed.  He has won two National Race meets, in 2009 and 2011, as well as four consecutive Western Regional race meets.

In the show ring, Teddy quickly finished his ICKC (then NAKC) championship and in 2010 he finished the requirements for his ISWS championship by taking WD in a large Western Regional Specialty show. This made him the first Silken Windhound to be an ISWS show, straight racing, oval track racing, and lure coursing champion!

Teddy is the star of an exceptional litter that includes Ch Talisaman’s Light of Helios SRCX3, SGRC, ORTC, top NOFCA Silken, #2 all NOFCA Rare Breed, LGRA #13 2012, and Ch Talisman’s Phoenix Fire, SRC, two other top performance and show champions, and Garibaldi, the top Silken Windhound showing in ICKC for 2009.  His two daughters and son out of Kristull Xerox of Renaissance are also excellent racers and show champions with all achieving show Ch and racing Ch titles. His daughter out of Kristull Daiquiri has won multiple Best of Breed awards.

No DM found in Silken Windhounds

DM, Canine degenerative myelopathy (also known as chronic degenerative radiculomyelopathy) is a progressive disease of the spinal cord in older dogs.

No Silken Windhound has ever been diagnosed with DM but since we knew it is present in Borzoi, one of the breeds used to create the Silken Windhound, we felt we had to make sure.

In May 2011 a large number of Silken Windhounds were tested, looking for the genetic markers for DM. Dogs from all blood lines were tested, from USA and Europe. There were in fact so many dogs tested that it about equals 5% of all Silken Windhounds that ever lived!

To our relief we did not find a single carrier. Every test came back clear!

If a Silken Windhound one day proves to be a carrier, or worse, affected, we will have to reevaluate this matter but for now we are content to say that there is presently no evidence of DM in the breed and the DM test will not be regularly performed by breeders.

Photos from Silkenfest 2011

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Links to pages with photos from Silkenfest 2011






Silkenfest 2011 – videos

Silkenfest 2011 Extraordinary Silkens

A few of the many Silken Windhounds at Silkenfest 2011
Nessa – Avalon Preakness
Claire – Tangaloor Sunlit Silence
Keno – Allagante Ka-Nee-Ta
ILsa – Talisman of Art Nouveau
Ronan – Talisman’s Byzantine Empire

Silkenfest 2011 Winners Bitch and Reserve WB

Judge Patricia Murphy of Oaklara Borzoi. In order:
Open – Allagante Sahara Starfyre (Sahara)
American Bred – Aigrette’s Cobweb (Cobweb)
Bred By Exhibitor – Elessar’s Jean Grey (Marvel)
Novice – Kristull Cassis By Satsuma (Cassis)
12-18 Month – Morgandell Crazy Heart (Blondie)
9-12 Month – Allagante Lakota Sioux DX (Lakota)
6-9 Month – Fantasy Farms Musetta’s Waltz (Minnie)
Winner – Sahara
RWB – Marvel

Silkenfest 2011 Sweeps Females 9-12 mo

Mark Golden judging Silken Windhound 9-12 month old female puppies for Sweepstakes during Silkenfest 2011. Karen S with Allagante Lakota Sioux DX
Peter W with Kumbaya Pecan Metukah
This was a very nice class

Silkenfest 2011 Sweeps Female 12-15 mo

Silkenfest Sweepstakes class Females 12-15 months old
Morgandell Crazy Heart (Blondie)
Morgandell Bright Star (Kira Meira)

Litter sisters out of Kohana’s Pardon My Dust (Dusty) x Kumbaya Kilauea Morgandell (Pele)

Silkenfest 2011 Best in Sweeps

Sweepstakes class finals at Silkenfest 2011 held in Calistoga, California judged by Mark Golden.
Dogs –
Aigrette’s Golden Key (Best in Sweeps),
Morgandell Avatar,
Aeracuras Fantasy Gilbert.
Females –
Firebird’s Smoke N’ Fire Brindle (Best Opposite Sex),
Allagante Lakota Sioux DX,
Fantasy Farms Musetta’s Waltz,
Morgandell Crazy Heart

Bados, BOB (LC) at Silkenfest

Allagante Windspirit Barbados takes Best of Breed at Silkenfest 2011

Silkenfest 2011 Obedience Part 1

Silken Windhounds in Novice A Obedience class at Silkenfest 2011 held in Calistoga, CA. Judge is Dr William T. Beauchamp. Left to Right
Kristull Azure Twilight Allure (Azure)
Allagante Sahara Starfyre (Sahara)
Allagante Mystic Topaz (Rio)

Silkenfest 2011 Obedience Part 2

Cyndi Dell of Morgandell with Blaze – Talisman’s Beaux Arts going through the steps for Pre-Novice Obedience class at Silkenfest 2011

Silkenfest 2011 Friendly Faces

Some friendly faces of people attending Silkenfest 2011, the annual gathering of Silken Windhounds in the USA. This year’s event was held in Calistoga, CA just north of San Francisco and featured 4 days of events such as speaker seminars, health clinics, conformation show, obedience trial, straight racing and lure coursing. Special guest speaker was Wayne Cavanaugh, president of UKC

Agent Gita

From Calistoga with Love

Silkenfest 2011: Racing

Champion Kristull Unbreakable “Duke”

Silken Windhound IABCA Champion Kristull Unbreakable made a guest appearance at Silkenfest 2011 for health testing and to visit with his many friends. Duke is very happy now residing in San Diego, CA. Formerly called Bruce he is the sire of many champion Silken Windhounds.

Silken Windhounds recognized by UKC!

UKC welcomes the addition of the Silken Windhound as a recognized breed For more information, contact Tanya Raab or Angie Smith

Kalamazoo MI, March 17, 2011
The United Kennel Club is pleased to announce the recognition of the Silken Windhound, which originated in the United States, to our registry.

The Silken Windhound is small to medium-sized and is an intelligent hound of balanced character. While this breed exhibits strong prey drive in the field they are gentle, affectionate and devoted companion animals. The Silkens participate in a variety of dog events such as conformation, lure coursing, agility, obedience, flyball and perform as therapy and service dogs.
UKC welcomes the Silken Windhound and its fanciers and look forward to seeing this exciting breed compete in UKC events.

For complete details and information on the Silken Windhound, please visit the International Silken Windhound Society’s official website at www.silkenwindhounds.org.

Established in 1898, the United Kennel Club is the largest all-breed performance-dog registry in the world, registering dogs from all 50 states and 25 foreign countries. More than 60 percent of its 15,500 annually licensed events are tests of hunting ability, training, and instinct. UNITED KENNEL CLUB prides itself on its family-oriented, friendly, educational events. To find out more about registration and events,  visit our website.  www.ukcdogs.com.

Angela S. Smith
Vice President of Registration
United Kennel Club, Inc.®
Your Total Dog Registry Since 1898
Real Dogs for Real People

Megaesophagus – new research to find DNA markers

A few Silken Windhounds  have been diagnosed wtih Megaesophagus, even in Europe. We do know for a fact we have it in the breed.

It is suspected to be a recessive trait.  Now there is a research project to get DNA markers for Megaesophagus. This way we will be able to test our dogs before breeding and avoid combinations that can cause Megaesophagus in the puppies. It is a tragic disease that often ends with the dog’s demise. You can often see in Megaesophagus puppies that they will regurgitate the milk. Some get better as they grow up, others do not.

If your dog has been diagnosed by a vet for Megaesophagus, you can make a contribution to the research by sending in DNA swabs from your dog.
Please note; at this point they are only interested in dogs with an affirmative diagnosis, not the relatives of such dogs.

Research, Clemson U. — Call for DNA Cheek Swab Samples STAT

Please feel free to crosspost and please note that this is no longer a/v only to Americans, it can be worldwide
Pam Legault

I double checked on two aspects w/ Dr. Leigh Ann. The following changes are in effect:

1) Send a request via email to: LCLARK4@clemson.edu
— include your name, your ship to address, your dog’s age, & breed, age of onset of symptoms & age @ dx.

2) She will mail a kit out to you via snail mail, to be returned by you via snail mail. You will not need to go to your DVM.

3) She is able to accept (because they are cheek swabs), swabs from anywhere in the world!

Leigh Anne Clark, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
100 Jordan Hall
Clemson University
Clemson, SC 29634-0318

The above is important for the following reasons:

1) Request for cheek swabs — more samples needed/requested. Following parameters only apply: the dog must have been diagnosed at the age of one or before.

2) ANY BREED may be submitted. Focus is still on GSD as that is the initial grant parameter. IE more GSD samples are still needed. However, “we” are going to start looking at the other breeds.

3) The coffers have run dry. SNP research is expensive. The cheek swabs will cost you virtually nothing. Please visit your vet, explain what the purpose is, and chances are strong they will be sent free of charge or minimal expense. Please take that savings and send it to Leigh Anne at the address above. If you can send more, please do so. I will be sending a nominal monthly donation. It will take all of us working together to move forward. Stop-starts due to coffers running dry are to be avoided … even if you can only spare a one time small donation, please do it today.

Why this is important.

Being able to map the genes involved will ultimately lead to the ability to develop a test so that breeders can know before breeding which sire and dams are carriers or if they are in fact clear.
Please Note: Leigh Anne runs a tight ship out of necessity (expense). Thus, please know that no direct results will be made available. Your affected dog,,, and you,,, can play a huge part in the advancement of this scientific endeavor to (eventually) eliminate this insideous disorder. That’s a feel good for you and a win-win-win for everyONE!

Should you have any questions, please contact me. Anyone can donate. A thank you note to Leigh Anne along with your check will make her day.
I highly respect and appreciate all that she has endeavored thus far and bet you do as well.

Permission to cross-post, and encouraged. There are twenty-six known affected breeds, so should you belong to other breed lists, please share this info with all.

Please also share with your breeders in case they too know of other affecteds in their line to which you may not have knowledge.

— Your DVM will know how to take the cheek swabs. Minimum three (3).

Peg McIntyre

Founder, cmERp (canine megaesophagus Education & Research project)